Small Groups

Image and video hosting by TinyPic There are lots of things in life we can’t do alone … get married, play tennis, talk on the phone … and follow Christ.  God didn’t design us to grow spiritually all by ourselves.  It’s vital to be in relationship with others.  At Simpsonwood, we strongly believe life transformation happens best in small groups.

Small groups thrive when members share the desire and commitment to grow in relationship with God and each other.  At small group, you can expect to share the highs and lows of life, explore the scriptures, pray, serve together, and have fun growing in your faith. 

Small groups, (usually 8 to 12 people) meet in group member’s homes, coffee shops, book stores, cafes, or restaurants on different days of the week.  Most often, these groups meet in the evenings, although a few groups meet early in the morning and during the school day. The right fit is important, so don’t be afraid to go “small group shopping.”  Start by giving a group a try.  It if doesn’t fit, let us know, and we’ll help you find one that does.



Get Involved!

Adult small groups are continually forming … whether it’s a brand-new group or a group that has been together for a while and is now dividing to expand into more groups.  If you'd like to join or start a small group, e-mail Rev. Amanda Garvin Lane, Associate Pastor or call (770)441-2181.

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