At Simpsonwood, we’re family.  And like family, we hold a powerful place in each other’s lives.  We’re here to encourage and support one another through the difficult circumstances life throws our way.  Whether you’re grieving the loss of a loved one or a job ... raising children while helping your aging parents ... searching for healing of an illness or age-related disability ... or stressing over relationships with your spouse, child, or extended family and friends, you are not alone.  Many of us have been right where you are now.  Our Support Ministry offers confidential settings for adults of all ages to share fears, questions, and ideas. Along the journey, we begin to experience a sense of closeness. And from this closeness, we find comfort and a “soft place to land.” Together, we open ourselves to new solutions and ways of living ... and we share the greatest love on earth – the unconditional love of Christ.


Get Involved!

Click through the sections under the “Support” heading.  Look for specific groups that interest you.  If you're looking for a group that isn’t listed, visit our Church Calendar.  However, if you need immediate support for yourself or a family member, e-mail Linda Romarion, or call (770) 441-2181.