Prayer Group

Prayer is at the center of everything we do at Simpsonwood.  We strongly believe in the power of taking our concerns, needs, and desires to God in prayer.  And we share this responsibility in a group known as Prayer Warriors.

Prayer Warriors meet each Wednesday afternoon in the Education Building Library at 1:30-3:30pm to pray for every request offered via: prayer cards submitted through the offering plate and handed in at the church office; main list of church-wide prayer concerns published weekly on the purple prayer list; and private list of prayer concerns that are held in strictest confidence among those in the prayer group.

If you'd like to submit a prayer request, email Jann Roeder or call her at (770) 441-2181 in the church office.


Get Involved!

We welcome others to join us at any time, keeping in mind this group maintains strict confidentiality to those prayer concerns that are offered in private.  You don’t have to sign up ... just show up, and join us in prayer.