The Simpsonwood Health Ministry is designed to support and promote the holistic well-being of our congregation.  We offer support that meets the spiritual, emotional, social, informational, and physical needs of our members and others in our community.  The Health Ministry offers support in three primary ways:

Health Crisis Assistance

Are you or a family member facing a Health crisis?   Together we can help you find the support you need during this uncertain time.  


Disease Information

Click Disease Information to access websites for health and wellness issues including general health sites, cancer, heart/cardiovascular, diabetes, lung, nutrition, and more. 



Get Involved!

Would you like to be a buddy to someone who is going through an illness or crisis that you've faced?

Also, we're looking for volunteers to join our Transportation Team.  If you're available one day a week to drive someone who can't drive to doctor appointments, to the pharmacy for medications and supplies please let us know in the church office.  This transportation service is on an "as-needed" basis and won't be a weekly commitment. Please email Jann Roeder if you would like to volunteer or you need any help in any way.