Children in Worship

At Simpsonwood, we encourage families to worship together.   We believe it’s important for children to be in worship to understand the importance of praising and thanking God in a community of faith.  At both morning services, we offer a Children’s Sermon for children to gather at the front of the sanctuary for a message prepared just for them.  Parents are welcome to accompany children who may be reluctant to come down front.

After the Children’s Sermon, 3, 4 and 5 year olds are invited to go with designated leaders for KIDZ TIME.  This special program of extended worship lets these young ones enjoy activities that relate to the Children's Sermon message. KIDZ TIME  is located on the lower floor of the Sanctuary Building.  Parents pick up their children here immediately following the worship service.

While the younger children go to KIDZ TIME, the older children return to their seats with their family for the remainder of the service. 

Simpsonwood United Methodist is a “Safe Sanctuaries” church.

For more information,e-mail Bryan Coats, Director of Children’s Ministries, or call (770) 441-2181, Ext. 307.

Get Involved!
We want parents to serve and explore the “good news" of Jesus Christ with their children.  If you'd like to discuss ways to be involved with our Children’s Ministries, e-mail Bryan Coats, Director of Children’s Ministries, or call him (770) 441-2181, Ext. 207.