Saying goodbye is hard!

On June 29, 2017 Dr. Brian Clark wrote to our congregation.

As we say goodbye and give thanks to God for the relationship we have shared as Pastor and Church Family there are a few things I want you to hear clearly as I depart.

1) Thank You!

You have blessed me and my family over the last five years in countless ways.  We will always be grateful for the love you showed to us during the days of Elijah’s pre-mature birth and month-long hospitalization. You were the church to us during those days in profound ways, and we will never forget it. We will also forever be grateful for the relationships we have shared with you and for the thousands of ways you have shown God’s love and kindness to us.  We thank you from the depths of our hearts!

2) You Have Been and Exceptional Congregation!

I have never led another congregation who has been more responsive to my leadership. You exhibited trust in my spiritual leadership at critical times in our life together. It has been a joy and a privilege to serve as your Pastor and to see God at-work in you and through you.

3) Forgive Me

No Pastor is perfect. We all fail and let people down. If I have failed you in any way, I ask your forgiveness. Please don’t let my shortcomings keep you from pursuing your relationship with God through the church with all your heart.

4) The Best is Yet to Come!

God has a critical purpose for you in this day and time. There are people all around SUMC who need Jesus. Keep being the heart, hands, and feet of Christ to people who need Him.

Know that I appreciate and love all of you and you will always be in my prayers,