This past week, Pastor John challenged the congregation to go out and be a blessing.  “As a Christian community we are called to bless one another.  Why not be a blessing to our community as well?”

So after worship, cards were passed out and people went to work! Below are a few of the stories that were collected from those who participated.

  • Immediately after service, one of our members grabbed an extra Chick-fil-a gift card from her purse, and went to thank Stan, our police officer!
  • Another member bought two dozen cookies for the staff that clean their campus building.  When giving them the goodies and thank you card, she said “I just want to say ‘Thank You’ for keeping our buildings so nice and clean.”  To which, one gentleman replied “Thank you.   We don’t hear that very often.”
  • A family in the church selected an employee at Sprouts.  They often witnessed her going above and beyond her job, doing extra work.  The employee was appreciative, but the family didn’t stop there!   They expressed their appreciation for this employee to the manager!  The manager was so impressed that the family would go out of their way to thank one of his employees that he was going to recognize the employee at a store meeting the following day!
  • Another family took goodies to the library and the fire station.  The workers at the fire station were impressed and appreciative.  They allowed the child  in the family to tour the fire truck!
  • A couple in the congregation gave a movie card to the mailman who services much of Peachtree Corners.  Greg was so thankful he gave a big hug to this couple.

They also took a moment to thank the yard waste company.  As they were working on a holiday, they truly appreciated this gesture of appreciation.

  • Another member left a gift card with the cashier at Dunkin Donuts with the instructions: “use this card to pay for any police who come in for coffee.”  A gift that keeps giving!
  • One member took some cookies to the staff at 3500 The Vine and said:

“Rarely in their work environment, do these leasing agents, maintenance workers, and apartment managers get thanks for what they do.  It was a tremendous JOY to bring these special people an unexpected happy summer, and thank you blessing.  One employee was having an emotional day and I had the privilege of praying with her.”

  • Another member took the opportunity to thank our own Richard Hamrick for his work with leading the LIFE Group!
  • One of the youth wrote a note to a cashier at Trader Joe’s:

“Dear Mr. Eddie,  Thank you for the joy you bring to me whenever I see you.  It brings a huge smile to my face when you tell me funny stories.  I’m very happy to know you.”

  • The ladies in the front office shared that our mail carrier Greg, came into the office and said that he received three cards from families on his route!  He then sent a thank you note to someone he appreciated!  Blessing others, so that they too can be a blessing!

It doesn’t have to stop there!  Keep offering blessings and words of appreciation to all those in service around you!