The new year always brings a lot of time to reflect. One of those reflections for me involves taking the long view of things as a pastor, asking “How would I want to be the pastor at Simpsonwood with each of you over the long haul?” My promise to each of you is that I will always take the long view of things …always. 

That leads me to this. 

To pastor (and not merely preach) involves relationship, knowing and trusting in one another in order to share critically and appropriately in the seasons of our lives together.  One of the most critical needs we share in this world is the grace of knowing and being known in love.

This leads Beth and me to this:

We want to have you over for dinner at the parsonage. All of you

First, that you will just come… When you sign up, please come as guests. Please don’t ask to bring anything. It will be our incredible joy to simply break bread with you, at 6:30 on a Friday evening.

Second, bring your family… If you have kids, bring them. If you have a 6 month old and need a high chair, we will have that ready. (Just tell us what the need is). 

Third, If you have dietary considerations, let me know so we can prepare exactly what you need. It will be our joy to be careful and specific for you as our guest!  

Fourth, use the table as a means of connecting and inviting others. If you have neighbors you would want us to meet, invite them with you! What a great place to connect first, around the table. The gatherings will not be restricted in any way, we would love to meet those you care deeply about and are loving to Jesus!

Lastly, I like to cook. I mean I really like it. By coming, you will give Beth and me the opportunity to do something for each of you that will bless us as it blesses you. 

We will try to organize the meals around 10 people (10-12) on a first come first filled basis. Yes, it will take time to eat with all of you, maybe 3-5 years as we will do this every 3-4 weeks, but that is our goal. Appropriately, the dinner gatherings will be called ‘Notorious Nights’.

Below are the dates we will be having ‘Notorious Nights’ together in 2019. All you have to do is email me at John Purrington to sign up. At the bottom of each Friday email going forward, I will list the open dates each week. 

All God’s blessings,
John and Beth

Dates for Notorious Nights 2019 (all dinners will start at 6:30 PM)

Friday Feb. 1st


Friday Feb.  15th


Friday Mar.  22nd


Friday Mar. 29th


Friday Apr. 12th


Friday May 10th


Friday May 24th


Friday June 21st


Friday July 12th


Friday Aug. 2nd


Friday Aug. 23rd


Friday Sept. 27th


Friday Oct. 11th


Friday Nov. 1st


Friday Nov. 15th


Friday Dec. 6th