Chrismons – Symbols of the Christian Faith

Chrismons are ornaments placed on Christmas trees in houses of worship worldwide. They are symbols of the faith we hold so dear. The word Chrismon comes from two words: Christ and Monogram. The first use of Chrismons dates back to 1957. Christmons can be simple or as elaborate and handmade or cross-stitched. The colors are generally white and gold. White for the purity of the baby born in a manger and gold, representing a king.

Fish: The fish is a popular symbol of Christianity today. It was a secret symbol used by the early persecuted Christians to signify their belief in Jesus.
Lamp: The lamp stands for the Word of God.
Torch: Reminds us that we are called to be the light of the world. Jesus is our light in the darkness and we are the light for others, called to witness to our faith through our loving deeds and choices.
Manger: The manger reminds us to be humble, and represents the simplicity of the birth and life of Jesus.
Butterfly: The butterfly is a symbol of Christ’s resurrection and eternal life. Just as the butterfly emerges from its cocoon and flies upward with a new body, the followers of Jesus Christ are reborn and given a new life.

Cup: The cup is a symbol of the blood Jesus shed on the cross for our sins. The cup also reminds us of the sacrament of Holy Communion.
Bible: This Chrismon is a replica of an open Bible, which represents the word of God.
Fleur de lis: This flower-like symbol represents the Virgin Mary.
Star:  The star represents the star of Jacob and the star that led the wise men to Jerusalem.

Bell: A bell is often used to call people to worship. This Chrismon symbolizes the sounding forth of God’s word and serves as a reminder that God should have first priority in our lives.
Cross and crown: The cross and crown symbolizes a Christian’s reward in heaven for being a faithful servant while living on earth.
Dove: The dove is a widely recognized symbol of purity and innocence. The dove also stands for the Holy Spirit, and is a reminder of the presence of God during the baptism of Jesus and hovering over the waters at creation.
Harp: The stringed harp is symbolic of music that praises God.
Lamb: In the New Testament, Jesus is often referred to as “the sacrificial lamb.”
Cross:  The cross a sign both of Christ himself and of the faith of Christians.

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