Drive-Thru Food Drive

Rev. John Purrington's Friday Message - April 17, 2020

A Drive-Thru Food Drive Benefiting the Neighborhood Cooperative Ministry

Good Friday Simpsonwood!

I hope everyone is well.

By now, you may have seen or heard about a  BIG PROJECT  we are working on in our community in partnership with our Neighborhood Cooperative Ministries (Formerly, Norcross Cooperative Ministry ). This Sunday, April 19, the trailer for the Coop will be moved from Piedmont Bank to Simpsonwood. The trailer will be located in front of the sanctuary where food donations will be accepted from 10AM – 6 PM. All food items are needed: PB, Jelly, Canned Meat, Canned Vegetables, Canned Fruit, Soups, Cereal, etc. Quite frankly, the need is tremendous. Nothing will be turned away. Pick up lines have extended a hundred cars or more at the Coop on a nightly basis when they are open. Food supply chains are low and the stores that routinely help the Coop are not able to in this crazy time; they struggle to get, and keep, an even supply on their own shelves…

Here is some information I have received from Elizabeth Gross, our Coop liaison:

In a normal day, the Coop serves 50 to 70 families a day with food, clothing, and financial assistance. Again, this is daily.

Since the Covid-19 Virus has hit, the Coop is seeing a tremendous increase in need. Specifically, from the last week of February to the last week of March, the Coop’s total clients served increased 526% from 125 to 783 per week. Total pounds of food distributed increased by 710% during that same time period.  Just let those volumes sink in a little…

You can make a difference.

So, why the trailer? Because food supply chains are low everywhere.

Sunday, our theme for worship is reflecting on what makes for efficacy in witness as a Christian. While I don’t want to give away the sermon completely, I think opportunities like this give us the chance to lift Christ high in ways that are truly transformative. I hope after worship Sunday you will join in driving thru and dropping off any extra food, clothing, diaper items, etc. you can give. Speaking of the project. I invite you to share information about our collection with your neighborhoods (next-door neighbor, social media, smoke signals, bull horn or whatever else you possess) for material information dissemination. This is a community need and I am asking you to help lead those near you in response. It’s what we can do in a time like this to demonstrate Christ’s love for Gwinnett County. It is most simply what Jesus would lead us to..

You will have the option to place your donations into the trailer yourself or have a volunteer take them from your car; it’s up to you! In fact, I will see those of you dropping off from 10-12…

Have a great Friday Simpsonwood, see you Sunday. You are loved in Jesus,