Be part of Simpsonwood UMC’s El Salvador Mission Home Support Team
Ahuachapán, El Salvador, May 29 – June 6

Your El Salvador Mission Team will be leaving May 29th for Ahuachapan! During those 9 days they will be facilitating children’s and women’s Bible studies, visiting with neighborhood families, distributing reading glasses, and continuing construction on a church and new high school.

We are looking for members to provide Bibles to the ladies that will be attending our Bible study. We would like for each bible to include a prayer or message from you. No worries, we will make sure that each message is translated properly. Each Bible is $20. If you would like to participate please contact Kevin Hill at or write “El Salvador Bible” on your memo line of your check and place it in the offering plate by May 4th. These Bibles will be hand delivered by your mission team!

Please consider donating school supplies. We will be taking a VBS team that need supplies. There will be collection boxes in the education building and the FLC. If you don’t have time to pick up supplies and would rather provide a cash donation we would be happy to purchase the supplies for you.

School Supplies

Children’s scissors
Elmer’s Glue or Glue Sticks
Hole Punchers
Colored Construction Paper
Soccer Balls
Air pump and needles
Beach Balls
Jump ropes

Please bring your donations to the church by May 20th so we have them ready for packing day!