Healed, Heard & Home

In this short sermon series, we look at three dramatic encounters with Jesus where the seeker is “Healed”, “Heard” and ultimately finds “Home” in Jesus. The heroes in these stories are incredible women who relate the hope and possibility we so desperately long for in the life we live with Jesus. As we journey through Pandemic and uncertain future, we ultimately are invited to see how the journey with God is always one that travels from fear to faith!

May 17: “Healed”
In this short sermon series, we look at Jesus’ encounter with 3 women in distress. In this week’s story, Jesus heals a woman who has been bleeding for 12 years. We, like this woman, often exhaust our resources, physical, emotional and psychological trying to heal from things only Jesus can heal. Jesus is willing. Jesus heals the bleeding hardships we have carried for years.

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May 24: “Heard”
Like this Greek woman, we often find ourselves isolated with no one willing to listen and identify with our deepest needs.  Jesus hears our cries that fall otherwise on deaf ears.  Moreover, Jesus is not burdened by our cries, he makes them his own!

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May 31: “Home”
Life is oft characterized by past loss, fractured relationships, and longing for hope.  In this journey, we search for significance.  Jesus meets our deepest needs with the promise of journeying home with Him.

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