Honduras Update

First and foremost, I earnestly pray that you and yours are well. In addition to within our own family, we know people abroad that have battled COVID-19. This virus knows no boundaries.

Like you, we have been waiting to see how this pandemic plays out. At this point it is obvious that this pandemic comes in waves cresting in China, then Europe and then the US. We have been monitoring the spread of the virus in Central America, which is about 3 weeks behind the U.S.

Honduras, El Salvador and other countries in Central America have taken some very aggressive measures to contain the spread of COVID 19. Fortunately to date, the numbers infected is relatively small. But, because of the huge health care deficit, the potential for high mortality rates is overwhelming. For that reason, the Honduran government has mandated stay at home orders. In many critical areas the police are blocking roads to prevent the spread of the virus. The government has also limited operating hours and days of operation of stores and banks. The ports are in very limited operation and food and medicine can be difficult to obtain.

It is for that reason we are rescheduling the Honduras Mission Trip to August 15th – 22nd, 2020. In addition, we will not be heading to southern Honduras, we will be returning to El Rancho Paraiso in Olancho. Although the expectation is the COVID 19 will be defeated in North and Central America by then, it is also comforting to know that, to date, there are no cases of the virus in that area. I understand that this may be a difficult date for some, for others it might be better than the June date. Please prayerfully consider serving in this important ministry. You may reach out to me at keith@vista-caribe.com or my cell at 678-296-8446.

This week in Honduras, Holy Week or “Semana de Santos”, in many ways, is bigger than Christmas. It is this week that businesses are typically shut down for the entire week. There are parades, street parties, worship and praise. I heard a message this week that I thought was very meaningful, especially considering the culture in Honduras. The speaker said we begin Holy Week with a glorious entry to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, followed by the dark days of the crucifixion and then the ultimate celebration over death by The One who loves us so much. He continued, that parallels the COVID 19 situation we are in now. He did, does and will prevail.

God bless,

Keith H. Willing
Honduras Mission Liaison