What is the benefit of getting two groups together that are seemingly VERY different?  Read more and you’ll see…

Once a month members of our LIFE group and Kindergarten Readiness gather together around a table to enjoy food and fellowship.   You may not think that these two groups have a lot in common but just read about the conversations that we had during our November fellowship!

We discussed what we were thankful for!  Young and old alike are thankful for family and friend, school and church, pets and toys.  But one of the most important things that everyone agreed on was… ice cream and dessert!   We all agreed that ice cream and dessert was something we ought to be thankful for.

LIFE Group members shared with the children what they were going to do for Thanksgiving.  The children talked about their favorite Thanksgiving food.  Mrs. Peggy taught the children about how she ground up the nutmeg spice that she used to flavor the cookies each of the children were getting.

We are excited about where this collaboration is going.  Can you imagine the relationships that are being formed over food and fellowship?