Kids Church

Kidz Time and Shine Return!

Simpsonwood Student Ministries is excited to announce the next step in our return to indoor worship, the return of Kidz Time and Shine!

Beginning May 9, children will be able to attend Kidz Time and Shine during the 11:00AM Contemporary Service only.

Pastor John will dismiss the children during service, and they will be escorted across the hall to Room 110/Room 111 and Room 112 by student ministries leadership.

To prevent crowding in our smaller spaces, parents of children attending Kidz Time and Shine are asked to remain in the gym after service. The children will be escorted back to the gym after service where they can pick you up!

Children still need to be included in your reservation to attend service, however no specific reservation for Kidz Time or Shine is required. You can make a reservation by clicking “Reserve Your Seat for Worship” at the top of the page.

To learn more about Kidz Time and Shine, keep reading below!

Let the grown-ups focus on service while we help our youngest members get ready for worship! Kidz Time is offered to all children ages 3, 4, & 5 during the 11:00AM Contemporary Service.

There will be time for prayer, a Bible story, and play.

Kidz Time will be led by our Assistant Director of Student Ministries, Emma Hill, along with an additional volunteer.

Shine is offered to all 6-10 year olds during the 11:00AM Contemporary Service.

Lessons will introduce children to the Books of the Bible, Apostles Creed, Lord’s Prayer, and the Sacraments.

Kidz Time will be led by our Director of Student Ministries, Bryan Coats, along with an additional volunteer.