Receiving His Life Discipling is a program designed to guide believers to fully rely on the Holy Spirit and to experience the abundant life that Jesus came to give us. This is a practical approach to discipling, where we learn to apply the teachings of the Scriptures to our daily lives. It is out of the abundance of grace that we receive from Him that we acquire a burning desire to make disciples and teach them to observe His commands.  This class will be led by Hernando Montana, a friend of Simpsonwood UMC.

The following is the content list for the 13 week segment:
1. Introduction
2. Know God: Who He Says He is
3. Our Identity in Christ
4. Our Relationship with God ( the Plan of Salvation, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, Pentecost and the New Covenant)
5. Forgiveness and the Healing of Our Broken Hearts6. Faith / Fear
7. Humility, Surrender and Stillness8. Weaknesses
9. The Tongue (Power of Words).
10. The Word of God
11, 12. Hear and Do His Sayings (Obvious, Seldom mentioned and Hidden) Matthew 7:24–27
13. Abide in Me and I in You

For additional information about our Discipling Methodology and Services, please visit our site at Hernando at (770) 757-4177