The primary
graphic image of our logo is the cross. 
However, we’ve taken it a few steps further to develop the concept of
what Simpsonwood is all about.  The whole
image, if you look closely, resembles a window with four different colored
panes.  These colors remind us that we
are alive and growing in our faith.  The
cross is central to the Christian faith and takes the most prominent position
in the logo.

The gold window pane symbolizes what is
valuable to us; it reminds us that our children are the most valuable treasure
we have to share with the world.  God has
given them to us to experience joy and celebration!  They are our hope for the future. 

The green window pane represents new
life.  The new life we find in our
personal relationship with Christ.  It
also reminds us of growth and the responsibility we have to our students to
help them grow in the faith. 

The ruby rust-colored window pane reminds
us of the vibrant tongues of fire from the Pentecost story.  It helps us remember our call as mature
Christians to live out our faith in acts of love, service, and support for one

The brown window pane reminds us of the
earth and all God’s creation.  One of our
identifying values at Simpsonwood is our zeal for missions, to spread God’s
Love through all the earth.  We do this
through our many local, domestic, and international missions.

This image of
a window has two sides: one you look into and the other you look out of.  As we look out of our Simpsonwood window, we
look not just into our neighborhoods but far beyond.  As 21st century Christians, our
world has become much smaller and our logo helps remind us that we need to
continue looking beyond ourselves and our walls to fulfill our mission: