During the Lenten season, staff and church leaders will share a daily devotional. Please join us on the journey.

Do not blow a horn before you, as the hypocrites do in synagogues and in the streets to win the praise of others. Matthew 6:2

A Reflection on Ash Wednesday

Sally Katz – Preschool Director

Sally Katz, Simpsonwood Preschool DirectorOn Ash Wednesday we are called to pray in secret, fast in secret, and to give in secret.  These are not to be for public show.  I often ask myself this time of year “Why receive ashes?  Why show an obvious outward sign, ashes in the shape of a cross on our foreheads that we are observing this day of fast and prayer?”

Ash Wednesday is the beginning of a communal and personal conversion.  All of us who receive ashes show a communal sign of togetherness; taking a look at our lives with one another in relation to our global community.  Personally, I am called to take a good, hard look at my own life and relationships.  This Lenten season calls us to evaluate, reflect, and act on both; communal and individual conversion.

Prayer: Open my eyes, Lord, to both the communal and personal conversion you invite me to this Lent.