Rooted in Christ

When roots are deep there is no need to fear the storm.
– African Proverb

This Sermon series will put a new spin on Wesley’s most classic sermons. Each week we will reflect on sermons Wesley preached as way of teaching the roots of the Christian faith through Scripture. Join us during Lent and after Easter as we journey to the roots of what it means to love and follow Jesus.
Consider this an “Adult Confirmation” experience in worship.
Join us as we dig deeper into the foundations of our faith.

March 1: “Justification by Faith” – Listen here!
The Scripture: Romans 4:5
The Theme:  We are made right with God by believing what Jesus did on the cross is sufficient (and our only source) of salvation.  No amount of striving for goodness accomplishes the same.

March 8: “On the Holy Spirit” – Listen here!
The Scripture:  2 Corinthians 3:17
The Theme:  The Lord who is Spirit gives to us a portion of God’s self, to empower, assist, guide, teach and train, sustain and assure us that we are God’s children in this world.