Virtual Sunday Worship

The building lights may be off, the Lord’s light continues to shine bright at Simpsonwood! Just because we are physically apart doesn’t mean we can’t be together spiritually. Remember, Jesus said, “Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them” (Matthew 18:20). Our church is our community, not our building.

Rev. John Purrington and the 8:45 Band will be bringing the power of worship straight to your homes with our Virtual Sunday Worship Service. You can catch our service beginning at 8:00am on Sunday mornings on our Facebook Page and our YouTube page.

Most Recent Sermons:

December 6: The Purpose of God’s Patience
God’s patience isn’t neglect nor slowness to keep promises, it’s given to lead toward repentance, joy and transformation.

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November 29:
Simpsonwood is pleased to welcome back Rev. Keith Lawder! Rev. Lawder delivers a sermon as our guest preacher.

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November 22: The Challenge of Isolation
After being isolated for so long, we might well struggle like the lepers to be grateful in our return… to God and one another!

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Past Sermon Series

Just Jesus – The first Christians were invited to become ‘stewards of the secret plan’ of God in Colossae. The power of God is linked directly to the embrace of letting Christ have first place in everything in one’s heart. We are given a glimpse of what rekindles a church’s power: letting Jesus guide and guard the disciple’s heart. As we ‘steward’ the gift of God in Jesus, real power, peace and opportunity become visible through the invisible God. Revisit our Just Jesus sermons, here.


This is Living – This 6 week sermon series allows us to be cellmates with Paul in chains. The letter puts Paul in prison right before his execution in 62AD. Written to express appreciation and affection for the church Paul loved, it’s a fount of encouragement to live out faith in praise, practice and prayer, experiencing God’s gracious gift of security, joy and peace. This is what living in Jesus is all about! Revisit our This is Living sermons here.

New Beginnings – Genesis means ‘beginnings’. This sermon series will look at the new beginnings that often come after our sin, struggle and separation from God. These new beginnings reflect God’s mercy and initiative in the story between God and us. Revisit our New Beginnings sermons here.

Healed, Heard & Home – In this short sermon series, we look at three dramatic encounters with Jesus where the seeker is “Healed”, “Heard” and ultimately finds “Home” in Jesus. The heroes in these stories are incredible women who relate the hope and possibility we so desperately long for in the life we live with Jesus. As we journey through Pandemic and uncertain future, we ultimately are invited to see how the journey with God is always one that travels from fear to faith! Revisit our Healed, Heard & Home sermons here.

Rooted in Christ – This Sermon series will put a new spin on Wesley’s most classic sermons. Each week we will reflect on sermons Wesley preached as way of teaching the roots of the Christian faith through Scripture. Join us during Lent and after Easter as we journey to the roots of what it means to love and follow Jesus. Join us as we dig deeper into the foundations of our faith. Revisit our Rooted in Christ sermons here.