During the Lenten season, staff and church leaders will share a daily devotional. Please join us on the journey.

“2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy,”  2 Timothy 3:2

Wishes and Complaints

Foster Lynn – Trustee Chair

Following is a simple challenge of self-examination and reflection for you and me to try during this season of Lent.

How often do we wish for things?   …maybe small things, maybe large things – like a cool pair of shoes; a modern kitchen; a luxury car; a fancy vacation; a house on the beach.   …maybe silly or seemingly important things – like a table saw; a silver bracelet; straight hair; curly hair; peace and quiet.

How often do we complain about things?   …maybe we feel entitled or angry – like my compensation (I am worth more!); my boss (she is insensitive!); my company (I get no respect!); your yard (it’s overgrown!); your kids (they are loud and play in my yard!).

Individually, each of these wishes and complaints certainly seem normal and in most cases, we may think they are healthy and worthy.

Envision a sail which is fully open, catching the wind and propelling a sleek, single hull boat across a smooth body of water. This sail is made of a strong fabric – capable of creating a strong diaphragm. Consider that this sail represents our spirit, our faith and our well-being and provides the means to move us through life in this world.

Now consider that with every wish or complaint we verbalize, we tear a six inch diameter hole through the fabric of our sail. That is a hole we also tear in our spirit, our faith and our well-being and that we believe we must fill – usually urgently.

How many six inch diameter holes do you put into your sail – each and every day? If you are like me, our sail soon becomes riddled with holes and no longer functions properly – to catch the wind or move us through this world. Perhaps we become stagnant on the water. The holes of entitlement, anxiousness, depression, ungratefulness, anger and our ability to be thankful each damage the fabric of our sail.

To bolster the spirit, revive the faith and to strengthen the well-being of the fabric of our sail, let’s ask God to help us with gratitude and thankfulness – specifically based on what he has given us and what we have now – in the moment.

We can start simple and we can develop a new habit and a new mindset that will instill a remarkable way of seeing the world. As an example: I am thankful and so grateful for my Church’s commitment to missions; my wife’s gift with children’s crafts; my son’s talent to play the piano; my ten year old car; the professionalism of my colleagues at work… Perhaps before too long our sail – our spirit, our faith, our well-being – will be stronger and our fabric will be pleasing to God.

Our Prayer: Lord help us to be grateful and thankful so that we can strengthen the fabric of our sail (which includes our spirit, faith and well-being) to help us see and navigate this world in ways that please you.  Amen.