SUMC Preschool

Providing a Variety of Christian Programs for Children


Our preschool offers several options for your child, depending on age. Beginning at 12 months, children can join our 2-day Mom’s Morning Out Class.  As children progress in age, you may choose between several 2, 3 and 5 day options.  All programs are half-day, with before and after school classes available.  Download a Registration Form to to view pricing and schedules!

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United Methodist Preschool Association Program of Excellence

Simpsonwood Preschool meets all guidelines set forth by the North Georgia UMC Preschool Association, and we have been awarded the “Program of Excellence” distinction.  Our mission is to provide the best of early childhood education in a safe and nurturing environment. Our curriculum is centered around meaningful play. We use play to develop key skills, and allow children to be active participants in their learning

Our curriculum is designed with the following goals in mind:

  • Christian attitudes, values, and actions
  • Cognitive development
  • Thinking, reasoning, questioning and experimentation
  • Positive self-concept
  • Social skills and appropriate school behavior
  • Language development
  • Physical development including fine and gross motor skills
  • Health, safety and nutrition
  • Creative expression
  • Respect for individual and cultural differences

Learn more about our curriculum and policies by reviewing our handbook.

Simpsonwood Preschool 2020 - 2021 Class Schedule

Loving and Committed Teachers

Jill Bennett
Preschool Director, Simpsonwood UMC
Jen Ehrhardt
Development and Word Play Teacher
Monica Dierkes Lead
5 day 4's
Andi Berrigan
Co-lead Kindergarten Readiness
Amber Sacha
Assistant Kindergarten Readiness
Lila Hunter
Co-Lead, 5 day 4's
Celeste Sperback
Assistant 5 day 4’s
Allison Lutz
Assistant 5 day 4's
Amanda Huyser
Ass't. 3 day 2's
Janet Wozniak
Assistant 5 day 4's
Dawne Cueller
After School Art
Lorie Stogner
Assistant Mom's Morning Out
Megan Lenahan
Lead, Kindergarten Readiness
Amy Sykes
Lead 3 day 3’s
Ellen Wheaton
Assistant 3 day 3’s
Lisa Whitlaw
Lead 3 day 2’s
Laura Cole
Lead, 5 day 3's
Lauren Waddell, Lead
Young 2's and 3 day 2's
Michelle Johnson
Ass't. 3 day 2's and young 2's
Tisha Tomsik
Co-Lead MMO
Mary Lou Holcomb
2's Assistant
Tori Crawford
Ass't. 5 day 3's
Caroline Fass
Ryan Corley
Lead, 4's
Ines Umana Soloranzo
Christy Grant